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EnQuest Tier 4 DGB Stealth Frac Pumper

The Most Environmentally and Socially Responsible Conventional Frac Pumper Ever

At EnQuest Energy Solutions, our commitment to developing environmentally and socially responsible solutions is at our core.The Tier 4 DGB Stealth Frac Pumper reflects this in every way.This conventional unit with the Stealth noise attenuating enclosure is the most environmentally and social responsible conventional frac pumper ever designed and assembled.

Key Features

• CAT 3512E Tier 4F Diesel Engine

• Dynamic Gas Blending System (DGB)

• EIRS Engine Idle Reduction System

• Quiet Cube Radiator Package

• WeirSPM QWS2500EXL Quintuplex Pump

• EnQuest Stealth System v2.0

• AFEX Fire Protection System

Stealth Frac Pumper Components

Tier 4F 3512E DGB Engine

TH55-E90 Transmission

SPM EXL Frac Pump

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