Engineered Solutions for Utility-Scale Battery Storage

As a manufacturer and packager of engineered battery energy storage solutions, EnQuest partners with multiple OEM battery suppliers to deliver 1 Megawatt to Gigawatt sized projects.

EnQuest’s Battery Storage Benefits:

  • Engineered solutions
  • Manufactured in USA
  • Scalable platforms for air and liquid cooled batteries
  • Maximizes battery life
  • Eliminates concrete foundation
  • Streamlined installation
  • Mobile options
battery storage enclosure
Technician inspecting battery storage enclosure

Engineered solutions

Our team of electrical, mechanical and structural engineers sweat the details of each battery project, so you don’t have to. From analyzing the site conditions to confirming the computational fluid dynamics (CFD) analysis to final certification of each enclosure, EnQuest has it covered.

EnQuest Energy Storage Benefits


Manufactured in the USA
EnQuest provides a turnkey solution with in-house engineering, fabrication, assembly, paint/blast, QA/QC, testing, delivery, and onsite commissioning so you can worry about the rest of the details.


Scalable platforms
EnQuest has a solution to fit your need. From small to medium to large enclosures, EnQuest can scale the energy storage solution to fit the project. EnQuest is “battery agnostic” and can handle a wide range of chemistries and cooling solutions.


Maximize battery life 
Through a rigorous engineering, design process and component selection, EnQuest is able to combine best-in-class components with best-in-class design to make sure your batteries are maintained for maximum life.


Eliminates concrete foundation
EnQuest’s “Slabless” galvanized, steel skid base is designed to distribute weight evenly across the skid base, so there’s no need to pour concrete pads.


Streamlined installation
Small and medium size enclosures can be populated and tested complete at the factory and safely delivered to site for rapid commissioning using our proprietary shipping solution.


Mobile options
Batteries and battery racks are prone to damage from the vibration and shock associated with moving up and down highways and roads. EnQuest has developed a mobile solution with reinforced racking systems and vibration isolation to withstand the rigors of frequent movement.


As a globally recognized leader in technology and innovation in the energy industry, we support our customers with solutions that promote their internal ESG and Sustainability goals. We offer and provide comprehensive solutions from concept to completion to ensure that we go above and beyond every expectation they have of us.

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