You rely on your equipment to maintain your production levels, so when gas compression repair is necessary, you need fast and reliable service.


Gas Compression Repair Solutions

Located in Odessa, TX in the heart of the Permian Basin, EnQuest Energy Solutions offers a broad range of gas compressor repair solutions and machining services to ensure your equipment stays running, with minimal downtime.

From new parts and component repairs, to upgrades and complete overhauls, our team will work with you to establish a plan that meets your needs. Additionally, we ensure that your equipment continues to perform, offering service and support throughout the life of your compressor.

At EnQuest Energy Solutions, our team goes beyond what is asked and stays committed to excellence in all that we do. Even more, we strive to continuously improve our work to provide our customers with the most reliable equipment and experience possible.

Machine Shop Services

As your gas compression repair solution, EnQuest Energy Solutions provides decades of compression experience to deliver proactive maintenance, service, and repair. In fact, we offer an array of equipment repairs and preventative maintenance services that allow companies to keep their machinery at peak performance throughout its life.

Our expert technical support team has the talent and tools to provide customized solutions that meet the unique needs of your application. Furthermore, our technicians specialize in the design and manufacture of special equipment that extends the life of your machinery while improving its performance.

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EnQuest Gas Compression Shop Repair Services:

• Valve repair/upgrade
• Packing case repair/upgrade
• Wiper case repair/upgrade
• Rod Inspection
• Piston rod repair/upgrade
• Piston inspection/conversions

• Single and multi-piece pistons
• Piston nut torqueing
• MAG particle testing
• Cross-heads and pinscrankshafts and bearings
• Connecting rods and bushings
• Cylinder reboring
• Cylinder relining
• Cylinder plasma spraying

Repair services:

• Welding
• Machining
• Induction hardening
• Tungsten carbide coating

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Custom Solutions for Specific Gas Compression Needs

At EnQuest Energy Solutions, we work with our clients from concept to completion, we ensure that we exceed all expectations. The team at EnQuest Energy Solutions has decades of combined experience as well as the technical expertise required to provide the customized solutions you need.

As a result of our collaborative approach, we are able to uncover the solutions best suited for your unique situation. Our team has the knowledge needed to design and manufacture parts and equipment tailor-made for your application.

Our Value Proposition

• Increase compressor reliability
• Increase MTBR
• Reduce maintenance costs
• Reduce operating costs
• Reduce emissions

That is why our clients consistently return to us: They know they can rely on our team. With this in mind, we have the resources, experience, and skillsets to deliver superior products and services to and maximize up-time.

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