Meet Thor

A full 5,000-horsepower electric pump solution that’s increasing efficiency in fracturing operations – all while helping you meet ESG goals.

High power. No emissions.

Bring on the rate

Thor electric pump plunger performance curve
Zero emissions icon

Zero emissions
A fully electric system means Thor produces no emissions.

Half the pumps icon

Half the pumps
Thor was designed to require half the pumps of a conventional diesel spread.

Half the footprint icon

Half the footprint
Perfect for Simulfrac operations

Thor electric frac pump from EnQuest

See Thor up Close

Low maintenance

With no transmission needed and a 40,000 hour bearing life Hitachi Motor, Thor requires less maintenance than its competition.

Increased efficiency

The Thor system fits on a single trailer, so you’re able to decrease footprint on location and cut the number of pumps needed in half – a perfect solution for Simulfrac operations.

Easy to rig up

Thor has 13.8 KV input power, which cuts down on cable size and weight, making it easier to rig up in the field.

In Collaboration with Fracturing Services Providers and Partnered Suppliers

With efficiency and emissions targets top of mind, we partnered with service companies and partnered suppliers to design Thor, a pump solution that produces zero emissions, decreases total cost of ownership and delivers unmatched pumping performance when compared with conventional diesel systems.

See the difference that Thor can make for your fracturing operations.