Pump Down Units

A pair of pump down units typically work with the wireline crew to assist in pumping the perforating guns and frac plugs into place between frac stages. The typical pump down unit looks very similar to the frac pumper. What differentiates the pump down unit from a frac pumper is the onboard centrifugal pump to take from a water source and boost the downhole pump without the need for a blender or hydration unit.


Product Features

  • Cube or horizontal radiator
  • Heavy-duty air cleaners with pre-cleaners options
  • Local Control Panel
  • Remote control
  • Optional Climate controlled operator’s cabin
  • Up to 40 bbl capacity displacement tank
  • Suction manifold
  • Multiple discharge manifold options
  • Optional Climate controlled operator’s cabin
  • Optional centrifugal pumps to boost, fill and recirculate
  • Optional displacement tanks up to 40bbl capacity
  • Optional Stealth enclosure to reduce noise by up to 20dBA