One of the core values at EnQuest is to be aware of the environment. At EnQuest we want to do our part to leave the planet better than we found it. One of the ways EnQuest delivers on this promise is our development and adoption of Eco-Solutions for completion and stimulation equipment.


Stealth Solutions

Stealth Solutions is our trademarked and patent pending technology designed to dramatically reduce noise intensity from oil and gas operations, particularly the noise caused by diesel engines and cooling systems. To find plentiful and cheap sources of oil and natural gas, some of these deposits lie close to communities. Noise from diesel engines and radiators operating near homes, businesses and schools can interrupt the peaceful enjoyment of the environment by those neighbors. EnQuest has introduced our Stealth enclosures to reduce operating noise levels by up to 20dBA from non-Stealth enclosed equipment.

This noise from conventional units can also be harmful to the brave men and women operating the equipment and they are always required to wear hearing protection while the equipment is running. With Stealth Solutions, the noise can be reduced to levels where it is no longer harmful to hearing and eliminates the need for hearing protection.

Our enclosures are custom designed, built and installed and can even be retrofit onto existing equipment.

Dual fuel

In North America we enjoy cheap and plentiful resources of natural gas. Natural gas is a clean burning fuel that can be used in a variety of applications, including to power reciprocating engines like the modern diesel engine.

Engine OEM’s such as Caterpillar, MTU and Cummins offer dual fuel kits to be installed on their engines to displace a majority of the diesel with clean, inexpensive natural gas.

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Electric Frac

Electric Frac or “E-Frac” is a very hot topic amongst oil and gas investors, E&P companies and the fracturing service companies. The reasons most often cited for the excitement around the topic are the technology lowers emissions because it can be fueled 100% by clean and inexpensive natural gas and it lowers operating costs through the use of turbines, electric motors and variable frequency drives which all have dramatically improved mean life to overhaul compared with the conventional diesel/transmission powered alternatives.

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