Tubing Reel

The primary function of the tubing reel is to store various sizes and lengths of coiled tubing.  The tubing reel is hydraulically powered through either a single or dual motor/gearbox assembly to take in or pay out the tubing.  The levelwind helps to automatically align the tubing on the reel drum from side to side. The tubing is connected to a rotating joint, also called a swivel, so that fluid can be pumped continuously through the coiled tubing while running in and out of the wellbore.


Product Features

  • Heavy duty steel base and pedestal construction
  • Hydraulic motor/gearbox, single or dual
  • Direct drive eliminating the need for a chain
  • 2” or 2.5” 1502 rotating joint
  • Qty 2 1502 plug valves
  • Automatic levelwind system
  • Adjustable counter assembly
  • Replaceable spool system to accommodate various spools and coil sizes