Injector Heads

One of the primary components of a coiled tubing unit, the injector head is made up of a chain and gripper assembly to maintain control over the coiled tubing string. Most modern injectors have a hydraulic drive system that provides the tractive effort for running and retrieving the string from the wellbore. The base of the injector head is secured to the wellhead pressure-control equipment by the stripper assembly mounting system. A gooseneck mounted on top of the injector head feeds the tubing string from the reel around a controlled radius into the injector head.


Product Features

  • Various pull capacities available – 100K, 150K and 200K lbs continuous pull capacity
  • Linde motors
  • Dinamic Oil gearboxes w/ integral braking system
  • Diamond heavy series chain
  • Heavy duty roller type chain bearings
  • EnQuest interchangeable gripper system for tubing sizes up to 3.5”
  • Heavy duty injector base and frame
  • Bi-directional load cell
  • Optional packoff adapter
  • Various gooseneck sizes available