Coiled Tubing Equipment

Modern coiled tubing units are used in a variety of applications from workover to drilling to completion. The most common application in North America is milling composite plugs set during the fracturing process in order to unlock the flow of oil and gas for production.

The primary advantage a coiled tubing unit provides over workover rigs and snubbing units is its continuous length of coiled pipe and the ability to circulate continuously while running in and out of the well.

EnQuest Energy Solutions offers the finest coiled tubing equipment in North America. As a trusted oil & gas equipment manufacturer, we know what it takes to design and engineer the best equipment that fits your needs.

Unconventional wells with long laterals have caused a paradigm shift in the design of new coiled tubing units.  EnQuest is developing a large diameter, 25,000+ft (7600+m) two piece trailer mounted CTU to meet the needs of today and tomorrow.


EnQuest can also provide

  • Small and Intermediate Coiled Tubing Units – Skid, Trailer or Truck Mounted
  • Mast style Coiled Tubing Units
  • BOP and Riser Pipe Support Trailers
  • Yard Spoolers
  • Work Reels
  • Reel trailers
  • Injector Heads

EnQuest also provides parts, service, repair and upgrade of existing coiled tubing equipment, including all makes and models of injector heads at any location – Houston, Odessa or Calgary, AB.

Injector Head

One of the primary components of a coiled tubing unit, the injector head is made up of a chain and gripper assembly to maintain control over the coiled tubing string. Most modern injectors have a hydraulic drive system that provides the tractive effort for running and retrieving the string from the well-bore. The base of the injector head is secured to the wellhead pressure-control equipment by the stripper assembly mounting system. A gooseneck mounted on top of the injector head feeds the tubing string from the reel around a controlled radius into the injector head.


Tubing Reel

The primary function of the tubing reel is to store various sizes and lengths of coiled tubing. The tubing reel is hydraulically powered through either a single or dual motor/gearbox assembly to take in or pay out the tubing. The level-wind helps to automatically align the tubing on the reel drum from side to side. The tubing is connected to a rotating joint, also called a swivel, so that fluid can be pumped continuously through the coiled tubing while running in and out of the well-bore.


Product Features:

  • Heavy duty steel base and pedestal construction
  • Hydraulic motor/gearbox, single or dual
  • Direct drive eliminating the need for a chain
  • 2” or 2.5” 1502 rotating joint
  • Qty 2 1502 plug valves
  • Automatic levelwind system
  • Adjustable counter assembly
  • Replaceable spool system to accommodate various spools and coil sizes