Large Quantity of Frac Equipment Rebuilds

Enquest Energy Solutions is currently working on projects for a number of customers to reactive Frac Equipment that has sat idle for the last few years.  Our program helps identify and recommend repairs and updates that should be done in order for the equipment to go back into service.

Items such as pump rebuild or replacement, engine rebuild, transmission rebuild, radiator clean and repair, controls upgrade, function test, hydraulic inspection and repair, trailer inspection and service, electrical troubleshoot and rewire.

What’s Old and Tired is New Again

The value of your asset is always on your mind, even if that equipment has been worked hard by the elements and time on location.   Get more value by refurbishing a great old piece of equipment, assess the equipment, budget the cost, remove the components, assess the damage or repairs required for each item, replace, rebuild, repaint and finish to be like new again.

Upgrading control systems along with components is always an important consideration.  The first rule of any technology used in equipment is that automation applied to an efficient operating component or part and will maximize the efficiency. The second is that automation applied to an inefficient operating component or part will magnify the inefficiency.

  • We work on all brands of equipment
  • Qualified technicians to give expert advice

  • Refurbishment and service capabilities in both Calgary and Houston

  • Full testing facilities in order to verify the unit operation so it can go direct to the job

This Trend is Set to Continue

The oil and gas well service industry is experiencing increased activity as the price of oil moves higher.  Service companies are bringing assets back to work and will continue to do so in order to meet the demands of the producers.