Noise Reduction Technology

EnQuest has developed The Stealth in order to dramatically reduce the noise from fracturing operations. The Stealth is a lightweight, yet rugged enclosures with a patent pending noise reducing insulation in order to make harmful and polluting noise from fracturing a thing of the past. Operators can safely work around equipment without the need for hearing protection. Neighbors, business, schools and wildlife can continue their peaceful enjoyment of their surroundings day and night while frac operations are ongoing nearby. Our StealthFrac and StealthBlender saw a 20dBA reduction in noise over conventional units.


Product Features

  • Custom enclosures designed to dramatically reduce sound intensity of pressure pumping equipment
  • Fiber/Aluminum structure to reduce overall weight of the enclosure
  • Patent pending industry leading sound attenuation material thickness
  • Patent pending custom engineered louvers
  • Stealth cube radiator package to reduce noise intensity around the fan and airflow through the cores
  • Access doors for routine maintenance
  • Capability to meet or exceed Colorado Oil and Gas noise regulations
  • Removable enclosure
  • Includes internal fire suppression equipment to quickly extinguish and cool any equipment fires