Chemical Additive Unit

During the blending process, various chemicals will need to be injected into the mixture, and the properties and quantities of these chemicals will be determined by the demands of each unique well-site. EnQuest Energy Solutions Chemical Additive Unit helps the blender operator by automating the chemical injection process and doing so in a controlled and efficient way, increasing ease-of-use and reducing post job waste.


Product Features

  • Truck, trailer or aluminum van body construction
  • Insulated aluminum van body contains swing out doors for loading totes
  • Control console
  • Optional heated storage areas
  • Control system
  • Storage trays for totes
  • Optional tote Mixer
  • Hydraulically driven liquid additive pumps
  • Optional Gen Set power supply
  • Self-recoiling liquid chemical additive hoses
  • Hoses for liquid additives of various sizes
  • Flow Meters
  • Optional laboratory area