Fire Suppression

In 2019, the US saw 6 fracturing fleets partially or completely burn to the ground due to devastating equipment fires. The cause of the fires are well known. A hydraulic or fuel hose bursts or separates and a stream of flammable fluid sprays on a red hot surface such as an exhaust manifold or turbocharger. The vapors ignite and the fire begins. Since there is ample fuel to feed fires on a typical fracturing location the fires can get out of control before they can be extinguished by personnel with fire extinguishers.


These types of situations can become a thing of the past, with onboard fire suppression systems. EnQuest is a distributor for AFEX Fire Suppression Systems. AFEX is the leading manufacturer of fire suppression systems for mobile heavy equipment. The AFEX system uses a dual agent strategy. The dry agent suffocates the flame and the liquid agent cools the hot surfaces to prevent the fire from re-igniting. The systems are directed through a series of pipes and nozzles to the known areas where fires can occur. The system has multiple options for activation, both onboard each protected unit and remote.