Dual Fuel Solutions

In North America we enjoy cheap and plentiful resources of natural gas. Natural gas is a clean burning fuel that can be used in a variety of applications, including to power reciprocating engines like the modern diesel engine.

Engine OEM’s such as Caterpillar, MTU and Cummins offer dual fuel kits to be installed on their engines to displace a majority of the diesel with clean, inexpensive natural gas.

EnQuest is able to retrofit existing equipment, regardless of engine make, with these dual fuel systems. EnQuest can also provide new equipment with dual fuel systems.

Caterpillar’s new Tier 4F DGB engine boasts up to 85% substitution of diesel with clean, inexpensive natural gas which can lead to reduced emissions and lower fuel costs compared with conventional equipment.

Product Features

  • Lower fuel cost
  • Capability to run on field gas as an alternative to flaring
  • Maintain existing service intervals and component life
  • Tier 4 engines
  • Retrofit kits can typically provide a diesel displacement of 50-60% under ideal conditions
  • New Tier 4 solutions can displace up to 85% of diesel consumption under ideal conditions