Structural Fabrication


Structural Fabrication

Custom fabrication – From drafting table to assembly yard.

Providing our customers with the structural components they need – safely, on schedule and on budget.

Westfab Structures might be a new name in the structural fabrication industry, but this company is built on the same values that Westfab Industries has become known for: delivering quality products to our customers, safely, on schedule and on budget. We have hired the best of the best, and are committed to helping our employees and apprentices learn and grow. We have the right senior team to support our fitters and welders. We see the opportunities and are excited to grow our company to meet the industry’s needs.

About Westfab Structures

Westfab Structures is an independent custom steel fabrication company, focusing on developing the structural components needed to support capital projects and operations in the oil and gas, industrial and civil sectors in Alberta. With a deeply experienced team of welders and fitters, we are the supplier of choice for Westfab Industries, our sister company under the Westfab group of companies.



  • Modules
  • Pipe racks
  • Skids
  • Pre-fab, structural steel for oil and gas construction
  • Bridge cranes
  • Trusses
  • Columns
  • Pipe supports
  • Stairs and platforms


  • SAGD oil sands
  • Heavy oil (thermal and cold flow)
  • Conventional oil
  • Gas processing skids
  • Chemical skid packages
  • Industrial
  • Buildings, bridges, and other civil structures

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