Piping and Vessel Fabrication

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Manufacturing and Fabrication

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Since 1987, Westfab Industries specializes in the fabrication and assembly of high pressure process piping spool, vessels and full skids. Due to customer demand, our primary focus for the past ten years has been manufacturing for the SAGD oil sands sector, while continuing to work with the unconventional gas sector. As a process shop, we also have the capability and capacity to work in the chemical, power and mining industries.


  • Shop drafting
  • Repair, alteration and manufacture of Cat A&H fittings
  • Pressure vessels
  • Pressure piping spool fabrication and assembly
  • Instrumentation tubing and calibration
  • Skid fabrication and assembly
  • Carbon and stainless steels
  • Materials procurement and supply

High pressure containment vessels:

  • Up to 13 feet in diameter, 80 feet in length and up to 3 inches in thickness.
  • Carbon steel
  • Maximum pressure of 20,684 kPA

Low pressure containment vessels:

  • Up to 13 feet in diameter, 80 feet in length
  • Carbon steel and stainless steel
  • Maximum pressure below 103 kPA

Westfab maintains a quality control program certified by the ABSA to build, repair or alter ASME Sec. VIII, Div. I and ANSI B31.3 pressure vessels and pressure piping. We have approval to use the ASME “U” stamp on our pressure vessels.

Our full time QA/QC Manager is responsible to ensure project life cycle quality and document control for all our projects. This process initiates with our response to requests for proposals, and continues through supply chain management, fabrication, assembly and client hand over.
We are certified in: ABSA, ASME “U” Stamp, Welder Testing, COR