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Our team can provide you with a Solution for your Well Service Equipment requirements. Please contact us and we can provide a detailed proposal.

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We work closely with each customer to deliver the New Equipment Design, Parts Solutions, Maintenance and Engineering Solutions you are looking for— directly from the us the OEM.

We tailor solutions to meet specific needs by integrating services across our portfolio. And it’s all combined with world-class Customer Support from Enquest Energy Solutions.

We promise to deliver agile, cost-competitive solutions, regardless of the original equipment manufacturer, so customers can reduce costs, drive efficiency and optimize operations.

Kevin Harwood
Kevin HarwoodSales Manager Canada
Working directly with many North American and International well service companies has allowed many years of providing great solutions and I look forward to helping you on your new equipment requirements.
Jeff Vredik
Jeff VredikOperation Supervisor, Canada
An expert in well service equipment operations, spare parts and maintenance. I provide comprehensive equipment support to handle mechanical, process systems and maintenance issues.
Colin Fraser
Colin FraserOperations Manager, Canada
A life time of working on well service equipment and heavy industrial structural projects for customer all around the world. Well known in the industry as the go to person for large projects that need a watchful eye.
Sam Flores
Sam FloresProduction Manager, USA
Mr. Flores has 12 years of progressive equipment manufacturing experience in both the Oil / Gas and the Mobile Gas Power Turbine markets. Mr. Flores held leadership positions at Surefire Industries LLC. including Project Manager and Lean Expert as well as Production Planner and Purchasing Agent during the startup of the company. At Relevant Power Solutions, Mr. Flores was Manager, Production Control accountable for Planning, Inventory Control and Document Control from the founding of the company through the completion of the first units in production. Mr. Flores has been Lean Leader for over 5 years and was mentored by an expert in the Toyota Production System as well as one of the leading Lean Transformation experts in Industrial turnarounds. Mr. Flores holds a Bachelor’s in Finance from The University of Houston.
Steven Lusk
Steven LuskOperations Manager, USA
Mr. Lusk has 20 years’ experience in the industrial manufacturing industry. His experience includes the construction, setup, staffing, and management of a grassroots manufacturing facility servicing the oil & gas, chemical, and power industries. He was responsible for divisional restructuring and management while filling the role of General Manager of oilfield equipment manufacturer, Surefire Industries. Mr. Lusk has expertise in operations management, strategic planning, business development and risk analysis, coupled with strengths incorporating innovative leadership development techniques, including, Lean manufacturing and team enhancing programs to improve effective employee performance, operational efficiency, and overall customer satisfaction.


Check out our manufacturing capability located in Calgary, Alberta and Houston, Texas.


Trusted Partners

As an Original Equipment Manufacture of well service equipment,  Enquest Energy Solutions utilizes industry recognized components and parts.  Our partners provide exceptional support and value in order to provide the best equipment in the industry.

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